Loan / other Asset Acquisation Loan for Non-business


New and existing Finance Trust Bank customers, individuals and organizations, who wish to access ­financing for movable income-generating assets valued at 3 million shillings and above.


Enabling Finance Trust Bank customers to acquire movable income-generating assets valued at affordable interest rates.

  • The asset should clearly be identi­fiable, movable, durable and insurable e.g. Vehicles/Motorcycles – Commercial only
  • Plant and machinery - manufacturing, processing plants, etc.
  • Equipment - printing machines, factory plants, office equipment, professional equipment etc.
  • Yellow metal-bulldozers, front and loaders, graders, etc.


  • Saving or Current account with Finance Trust Bank
  • Clearly identi­fiable source of additional regular income
  • Proforma Invoice for the Asset from prequali­fied suppliers
  • The applicant must contribute at least 30% of the asset value or provide additional collateral worth 30% of the asset value.
  • Good loan history for the case of existing borrowers
  • The asset must be purchased from Finance Trust Bank prequali­fied suppliers.
  • The asset must be comprehensively insured renewable annually,