Agro Processing Loans


The Agro–Processing Loan farmers who wish to add value to agricultural products through processing before selling. It includes juice makers, poultry processors, beef processors etc, who want to purchase equipment used in processing of produce, like arpaulins, packaging material, branding materials, water tanks, machinery including labour and other joint, groups, Associations and companies dealing in agricultural processing.


  • Increase your Agricultural working capital
  • Payable in manageable installments
  • Flexible loan period
  • Loan size varies with your business requirement and collateral
  • Grace Period id allowed where applicable


  • Individual borrowers must be 18 years and permanent residents in the operational area where the loan is sought for at least 1 year.
  • An account at FTB through which their loan will be disbursed and paid.  B    However they should be highly encouraged to open Agro Savings accounts for purely savings purposes.
  • Should be having a verifiable agricultural  *activity and farming as a business, with experience in a similar line of  farming for at least  two cycles/seasons
  • Existing customers can use their existing SVI accounts to access a loan
  • Recommendation from local leadership like the LC 1 for the first loan (KYC).
  • Proof of land rental if the farmer is renting the land.
  • The borrower should not be a delinquent borrower from another MFI (CRB).
  • Registration with the credit Reference bureau is mandatory
  • The loan appraisal should take into account the entire household income to determine ability to pay.
  • Accessibility  to agriculture extension services
  • Access to markets and clear marketing channel/system


  • Should have 15 to 30 members
  • At least 5 members with  similar products/activities
  • The group should have their main savings account  domiciled with Finance Trust Bank