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A social initiative to bridge the digital divide in Uganda by providing free digital education to the under privileged youth, children and women.

 For immediate release, 25th October, 2018— Finance Trust Bank in partnership with Craft Silicon Foundation, Little and Craft Silicon today launched the Free Digital Education program with a State-of-the Art Solar Powered Mobile Computer lab at Pan Africa Square - Katwe. The Digital Literacy program is delivered through a van that is equipped with computers and moves from one place to another specifically, in the slum areas of Katwe, Kalerwe, Bwaise, Kazo and Kisenyi. This social initiative aims to greater Digital awareness and engagement in addressing the digital divide in society and to offer practical educational sessions to support the children, youth and women as per the modules specified below;

  1. Introduction to Computers and Windows 4
  2. Microsoft office Applications
  3. Software development, Hardware, Networking and Internet
  4. Entrepreneurship

The launch was presided over by the Speaker of Parliament. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga.

While officiating at the event, Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga Said; ‘I am honoured to launch this Mobile Computer Lab, the first of its kind in the country. This program will prepare and empower our young people to reach their full potential as productive members of our society; It will give them the tools they need to distinguish themselves in the competitive global economy; and it will create the next generation of responsible, digital citizens to continue the progress we have already made as a Nation. To the Sponsors; Finance Trust Bank, Craft Silicon Foundation and Little, thank you for supporting this initiative. Your assistance is making a real difference for our young people and will have an enormous impact on the future of this country as this is already in line with Government’s Vision 2040.

 Craft Silicon Foundation CEO, Mrs. Priya Budhabhatti said Digital Literacy program is meant to bridge the wide divisions between those who have real access to information and communications technology and those who don't.  Since information and communications technologies (ICTs) are increasingly becoming a foundation of our societies and economies, the digital divide means that the "information have-nots" are denied the option to participate in new ICT jobs, in e-government, in ICT improved healthcare, and in ICT enhanced education.  Craft Silicon Foundation – is a social initiative of Craft Silicon limited, a 360o financial technology solution provider to Banks, Micro Finance, and other financial institutions in the global market. The foundation expands its very successful free digital literacy program in Kenya to Uganda where over 16,000 youth have benefited.

 As East Africa becomes increasingly attractive an ICT hub, International Technology companies are moving in to share in the bloom. Among the rapid technological changes happening in Uganda include shift from analogue to digital technologies, transition from satellite to fiber optic connectivity and the adoption of e-commerce. However there is still a large percentage of the youth living in slums and marginalized areas that are computer illiterate.

 Speaking during the event, Finance Trust bank Managing Director, Mrs. Annet Nakawunde Mulindwa said that the Bank is investing in this rigorous education project as part of its Strategic Theme of leveraging on Technology in order to advance competitiveness of the next generation.

 Mrs. Mulindwa  explained that the digital literacy program will be taught to children, youth and women of ages 10-24 years. She advised the participants to take ownership of this programme and in the end; they will see the benefits that technology can bring into their lives and the lives of those around them.’

 Craft Silicon Foundation and Finance Trust bank intend to educate over 3400 youth per year in the next 5years, translating to Digital and Financial Literate women, youths and children. The project cost is estimated at USD100,000.

As part of social initiative’s mission to bridge the digital divide through computer literacy, Little, Africa’s first commutation platform will be offering the programs "crash courses" to all its drivers’ kids in the region to ensure that we nurture innovation from an early stage, developing a generation for a smart future.

 The Foundation CEO Priya Budhabhatti said she was driven to start the foundation after realizing the potential that children, women and youth hold in the ICT sector and the multiply effect it has to the society.



About the Craft Silicon Foundation

Craft Silicon Foundation is a Kenyan based non-profit making organization that is empowering youths, children and communities through Free Digital knowledge and services. 

Our mission is to equip women, youths, children and other members of the community with Free Digital skills and facilitate access to internet for social economic development through the use of Solar Powered Computer Buses.

The program was launched in the year 2010 with a mission to empower women, youths, children and communities through Free ICT knowledge and services. The program entails a three months introduction course and a six months Advance-training program. Certification is done on successful completion of the program. The initiative facilitates job placement and absorption for students through partnership with corporate institutions as well as provision of seed capital for starting small business enterprises.  For the last 8 years, the program has been able to educate over 16,500 less privileged youth, girls and children who cannot afford college fees and bus fare.

 Over 50% of the beneficiaries have secured formal employment or started small businesses. This translates into accelerated social economic development for the targeted communities as well as reduction in crime and other social vices.

 For more information contact:

Alex Chege

Project Manager,

Craft Silicon Foundation, 


 About Finance Trust Bank

Finance Trust Bank (FTB), a Tier 1 Financial institution was granted an operating license on 11th November 2013 taking over the business of Uganda Finance Trust Limited (MDI). Finance Trust Bank was first registered as an NGO in 1984 as “Uganda Women’s Finance and Credit Trust Limited” which later changed its name to “Uganda Women’s Finance Trust Limited” in 1997.  On 12th October 2005, Uganda Women’s Finance Trust Limited was licensed as a Microfinance Deposit taking Institution.

 The bank offers a broad range of financial solutions, including loans, deposit accounts, money transfer services, utility bills collection and insurance services to small and medium income people, companies, SMEs, institutions and networthy individuals. Finance Trust Bank is also active in trade finance and treasury services. With its headquarters in Katwe, Finance Trust Bank operates a network of 36 branches, including one in Kalangala islands. 70% of the bank’s branches are located in rural areas. Currently Finance Trust Bank serves over 440,403 customers it’s 36 branches, and has over 26,959 borrowers across Uganda. The Bank serves women as their primary customers.

 For more information contact:

Christine Birungi

Manager Marketing, Communications & PR,

Finance Trust Bank, 

P.O BOX 6972 Kampala, UGANDA

Tel: 074333102/ 0800220500



 About Craft Silicon

Craft Silicon is a global leader in financial technology services and consulting. We enable clients in more than 32 countries to craft and execute solutions for their digital transformation. From software engineering to mobile application development, we assist our clients to identify the right problems to solve, and to solve these effectively and effortlessly. Our team of 200+ innovators, across Africa and Asia, is differentiated by the thinking, knowledge and experience, across domain and technologies that we bring to every project we undertake.

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Little integrates car transportation in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia onto a technology platform, ensuring convenient, transparent and quick service fulfillment for the customers and driver partners. Little does not own or operate its own fleet, but aggregates small operators and single vehicle owners. Cab owners benefit from the Little’s network and technology platform and that in turn helps them procure customers and enhance their income.

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