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1   Administration Manager

Posted : 2018-07-11

To plan and manage the administration and procurement policies for the organisation, manage the physical assets and provide cost effective procurement, logistical and service support in line with the operation Bank policies and procedures.

Deadline : 2018-7-27 Download Full Job Description 281.3 KB

2   Credit Officer - Micro Lending

Posted : 2018-06-21

To implement the Credit policies and procedures in line with the individual lending procedures of Finance Trust Bank. 

Deadline : 2018-6-28 Download Full Job Description 216.1 KB

3   Security Administrator

Posted : 2018-06-07

The primary responsibility of this position is to proactively plan for safety and adequacy of ICT business solutions in Finance Trust Bank. In particular the role includes the following functions:

  1. Ensure that best practice security controls are implemented to secure digital assets of the bank.
  2.  Ensure IT Policies and Standards are implemented and adhered to within FTB business operations.
  3.  Ensure appropriate security controls are built into both existing and new system applications.


Deadline : 2018-6-18 Download Full Job Description 271.3 KB

4   Driver

Posted : 2018-06-04

Drive staff, Board members and company guests, deliver and pick documents and equipment, as per administrative guidelines.


Deadline : 2018-6-11 Download Full Job Description 264.3 KB

5   Supervisor Delivery Channels

Posted : 2018-06-04

To provide hands-on deployment and support expertise for all Delivery Channels services to grow transactional income, Collection deposits, as well as ensure total customer satisfaction

Deadline : 2018-6-11 Download Full Job Description 267.5 KB

6   Relationship Supervisor Institutions and Companies

Posted : 2018-05-18

To create effective and strategic leadership accountable for the growth of Private Sector Business at the Bank that will be translated into growth of the banks deposit portfolio.


Deadline : 2018-5-26 Download Full Job Description 268.7 KB

7   Database Administrator (1 position)

Posted : 2018-05-07

To develop, support and maintain performance of all corporate databases; work with the developers and users of the databases and database applications to assist, manage and tailor the databases to meet corporate needs and requirements; plan and direct the development and implementation of database changes when required and to ensure optimum performance from the database sub-systems and related applications.

Deadline : 2018-5-14 Download Full Job Description 245 KB

8   ICT Risk Analyst

Posted : 2018-04-25

To implement and maintain a comprehensive information risk management program which will include defining key risk indicators, risk registers, processes and standards aimed at optimizing information assets while mitigating associated and emerging exposures.   

Deadline : 2018-5-16 Download Full Job Description 246.7 KB

9   Risk Manager

Posted : 2018-04-25

To identify, defi­ne, manage and monitor speci­fic risks present in the various portfolio segments, in order   to maximize profi­tability and / or minimize potential losses and track risk trends so as to reduce the level of the risk related losses to the bank.


Deadline : 2018-5-16 Download Full Job Description 268.3 KB